Does your car need an upgrade?

Premier Auto Sounds provides long-lasting and high-end window tinting services in Concord, NC and surrounding areas.

Why invest in window tinting?

  1. Safer Driving
  2. Exterior Style
  3. Reduce Heat
  4. Privacy

Not only does window tinting create an elegant look but also blocks infrared rays, reducing the heat in your car! Window tinting also diminishes the glare of the sun, preventing accidents and promoting safer driving.
Premier Auto Sounds partners with Flex Film to deliver quality service and the best films you can find. Flex Films are manufactured with nano technology for maximum performance and protection.

4 types of Flex Films we carry:
Nanoflex Premium Ceramic - the highest performing ceramic window film providing the ultimate protection coating. Nanoflex offers 98% infrared radiation rejection and 99.9% ultraviolet protection.
Panaflex Carbon Ceramic -powerful ceramic window film. Panaflex provides up to 80% broad-spectrum infrared radiation rejection and 99.9% ultraviolet protection.
Terraflex Nano Carbon - genuine carbon window film that is manufactured to not fade or change colors. This film blocks up to 60% infrared radiation and 99% ultraviolet energy.
Retroflex Deep Dyed Gen 4 - premium dyed line of window film. This film contains a dyed polyester layer for protection and blocks up to 99% of the sun's ultraviolet energy.

Ready to for your window tinting installation? Call us today at 704-788-1500 or send us a request in the form below. Leave your window tinting installation to the professionals at Premier Auto Sounds in Concord, NC.